This is the first time ever that I am trying Hedging. Trying with just one lot as today is expiry day. Adjusted by Vasu bro.

Don’t understand why both are dying. Theta, perhaps. 12 PM now

The strikes 25800 and 26200 both roughly have the same OI and are competing against one another while losing time and inherently eating premium. I think Vasu saw the same and suggested these strike prices.

Let’s see who will win today..12:23


CE is losing its wind

Exited just after a few minutes. Probably at 1 to 1:15 PM

50 loss and another 50 for brokerages. Shit

Took a risky call. Took 22nd Expiry 25400 PE option based on below chart mentions done by me. And it tanked like hell. Entered at 29.25 and after a few minutes it even touched 24

Sold 200 at 32rs with a 2.75 points profit. 500rs profit. I am turning out to be a mini scalper. Damn.

Should have waited a little while because you can see from below chart that all 3 indicators have gone to top exerting pressure on the price.

@3:24 PM Lets enter again if the price falls below 30rs. It did not but I planned to take a little more risk for the next expiry and take 25500 PE @ 42/- instead of the earlier taken 25400. But, the order did not go through as the clock ticked towards the end of trading session. 

Will see for tomorrow and get into complete scalping mode based on the market movement.

Thanks for reading. Any questions or comments, put in below or find me on twitter @PriceVolumePro

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