Making profit in BRITANNIA was satisfying and I was all thoughts like ” I should trade in such a similar manner always. I should have such a presence of mind and I should never hurry before taking a decision to put in money before analyzing the current situation”. 

But, once BANKNIFTY shows a red candle after a few green candles that day, all my careful approaches go out of the window …..Wooooosh!!! BNF expiry is tomorrow and BNF 25600 PE actually double from 30 to 60 in the morning and I observed it with awe. Thought that the magic will happen again. So, entered BNF 25600 PE at 25.64 x 10 lots

3 red candles at 2 PM made my legs weak

The tiny one forming is 3:15 candle and it should dictate whether I am on the profit side or not. If it touches Cost to Cost, I will exit today itself. Tomorrow is expiry.

Banknifty is dancing around that barrier. 

I can wait forever but the only issue is Theta value which keeps going down sucks the option value dry.

EXITED WITH loss of 1289. Sigh!! BRITANNIA’S profit gone

I panicked as I saw the first green candle at 3: 27

The last green candle worried me

Market closed at 18. A little glad that I did not lose more than I bargained for. Check below SS

If BANK NIFTY opens gap down, then only this trade will be successful because of expiry day. Or if BNF stagnates and becomes range bound, then Theta comes into effect and eats the premium. Overall glad that I exited.

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