Hello folks, I am Suneel and ‘am a newbie to stock markets. I currently reside in Bangalore. Have been here for the past 10 years and I like this place. 

I worked as an IT engineer and then switched roles to Digital Marketing. Collectively I have 15 years of experience in dealing with technicalities of projects and assignments. After a brief hiatus from the corporate world, I am currently seeking a career in Cloud management and as well as trade on a regular basis to gain some knowledge regarding the Indian stock markets.

I am currently reading books related to chart patterns and price volume action. This blog will be my journal on how I will be more productive and increase the capital and as well as we will discuss more about 

  • How to understand the market trend
  • How to balance your portfolio
  • How to include risk management in daily process
  • How to pick the right stock
  • What’s the right time to enter and exit the stock
  • What are the best indicators and their combinations
  • Intro to Price Volume Action
  • Elaborately discuss about Price Action

I will also keep posting the rationale behind why I chose a particular stock and how long one should be holding it.

For eg, check this:

6200 CE. Call is from Harry.

I am all ears for saving the initial capital. So, I will be entering and exiting multiple trades and pick on a small gain. So, do not expect to see wonderful amounts of money in my trades.

Small gains are what I focus on. This journey will be long and will be prone to several heartbreaks and random ramblings. Few curses will be thrown here and there, so please do not mind. 

You can get in touch me through a comment or use the contact form on this site. Or you can message me on my Twitter handle: @pricevolumepro

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